Thursday, October 27, 2011

I found a new love... I will Pin it!

Still looking for wedding ideas or yummy recipes? Well I have become in love with this site.

It is free to join and so much fun. I have spent hours and hours just searching for great new ideas. There are ideas for home decor, beauty, food, crafts, events, and so much more. Like, did you know that you can make a single serving dessert in a coffee cup in the microwave in 1 minute?? Bet you didn't. But I followed someones recipe for this and it was so yummy. 

Check it out and see what I am talking about. 

Trust me, you will get hooked, or should I say Pinned! lol (Okay, stop me, I am going crazy) 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If you missed the show.. check this out!

If you were living under a rock and missed the Fall PC Bridal Exhibit then I have put together some photos and slideshow to see what you missed out on.

This Fall show was quite a success, lots of brides came and enjoyed themselves getting to know a ton of local vendors that were there providing great information as well as giving out some amazing prizes.

For starters, I have to share with you are amazing booth setup. We went with the whole fall theme. 

We had a tv set up playing a slideshow for some of our past events. 

The main table was set up like a fall wedding/party with gold charger place settings. Each place setting showed off our new custom wedding favors that are available for any theme for $3 each. We can make how ever many quantities are needed. 

Want to see more photos of our booth or the rest of the show. Check out the video below. 

Remember to follow the blog so you don't miss the next show!

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