Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot Trends for Summer 2011 Weddings

 Trend 1: Color Theme
                When people think of summer they think of bright vibrant colors, such as orange, pink, green, and purple. Make sure you aren’t doing too many colors because then your wedding day may look like a parade. You want to stick with no more than two primary colors. For example you can do a natural color with a bright green which will make the green pop.  


Trend 2: Personalized Theme
                Is there a special memory you'd like to incorporate into the wedding? I am seeing more and more wedding wear the bride and groom display childhood memory photos.

Trend 3: Beyond Wedding Cakes
                Why do that boring old white wedding cake?  Instead of a cake do a tower of cupcakes.  Dessert bars are all the frenzy - cookie bar, ice cream sundae bar or pie bar - your guests will love the variety.  Add a candy bar and you've got all areas covered.  Don't forget the goody bags so guests can take some home!

 Trend 4: Bright Colors = Bright Wedding Accessories
                It's all about color, so why not the shoes?  Add a little color and sparkle that gives a fun, unexpected ingredient. 

Trend 5: Eco-Friendly Favors
                We are all thinking about the environment these days, so why not use your wedding to give back.  Some fun favors are local herb in a tint can or a jar of honey. Something guests will use rather than tossing into that “everything” drawer.  Selecting a charity you feel passionate about is also a great way to give back.

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