Friday, September 2, 2011

Got the Bling... Now What? Part 2

Part 2

Identify your wedding style

I know what you are thinking, you think you should select a date first. Wrong! You need to figure out your wedding style and the event's tone, and other decisions will fall into place. Knowing what style, will help you figure out when the best date is. 

  • If Cinderella's you dream fairy tale when you picture your fantasy wedding, you're a traditionalist. Think cathedral train, 10 piece ensemble, chandelier lit ballroom, filet mignon, flowing champagne, and the towering tier fondant covered cake. 

  • You absolutely love outdoor get togethers and impromptu everything. Chances are you're a casual gal who'd take to a beach reception wearing a simple slip dress and flip-flops, with a sensational sunset providing the decor. Or maybe a barn or backyard barbecue, with great music and casual lighting.

  • Couples who get a new wardrobe or car every season might favor a hot new restaurant, a loft, even a architect's studio for their reception, paying as much attention to their table design as to their attire. No surf and turf for this couple. 

Any of these wedding styles can be achieved with any budget. 
Stay turned for Part 3.

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