Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Got the Bling...Now what?" Part 1

Part 1

What to do right away:

* Spread the big news. After telling your immediate families and best friends, let your boss, colleagues, and other friends in on the good news. One easy way of spreading the news fast is using a social media network such as, Facebook and Twitter.

*Get your engagement ring sized (if needed). Depending on the setting and finish, this can take from a few hours to a few days. The sooner you get this done, the more time you will have to show it off with confidence knowing that it fits just right. 

* Buy some sort of planner, this can be one of those wedding organizer books or just a simple binder that you can use to store all the upcoming information and details of your special day. This is also important to have when meeting with your wedding planner because all the information they will need will be right at your finger tips. 

What Can Wait:

* Choosing your colors, securing your site is way more important than what colors you want to decorate with. After you have chosen your venue site then you can think of colors.

*Picking your attendants: no need to rush anyone into service the day after the proposal. Get the big picture of your wedding nailed down before you put together your bridal party.

*Arranging the seating chart: Hello you have plenty of time to do this. You can wait till even a few weeks before the wedding to tackle this. You need to wait till you have a more accurate head count. 

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